Our Writing Contest

An essay contest is one of the must-try activities for a person who loves writing, especially if he or she is a student. Other than submitting an article to the school paper or a known local paper, competing and even winning brings a sense of fulfillment. But what if you are not into writing? Should you join this type of contest or go to an essay writing website like http://essaysforme.com?


An essay writing contest is not just for those who love writing. Students are encouraged to join, especially if they wish to win a scholarship. You may not have an impressive GPA or may not be sporty enough to get a scholarship in those fields but with an essay writing contest, you may get a chance to have one. The best part is if you are not a writer, or you are not into writing, you can still learn and even improve your essay writing skills. There are tutorials that can help you get this advantage, the same as there are resources for you to find and join an essay writing contest. You can also find a real simple essay contest with the help of your school teachers and the internet.

Before you can join an essay writing contest, you must be a US citizen. Take note that you can only join an essay writing contest that is offered in your country or one that is offered internationally. If you are a high school student, two of the essay writing contests you can join is Ayn Rand and the National Peace.

What is Ayn Rand Essay Writing Contest?

Ayn Rand is a known novelist, whose works are known to post philosophical views. Two of her best works are Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.
Ayn Rand Novels is a group that organizes the Ayn Rand Essay Contest. These are based on Ayn Rand’s works and are open to middle school students. They offer cash prizes to winners instead of a scholarship grant. Here are two contests students can join.

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead Essay Contest is open to 11th and 12th graders. In this contest, students must show a clear understanding of the philosophies demonstrated in the novel The Fountainhead. Judges will be looking at how the student has organized his essay logically.

The Anthem

The Anthem Essay Contest is open to 8th, 9th, and 10th graders. Students must be able to show an understanding of the philosophies demonstrated in the novel The Anthem.

The National Peace

The National Peace is an essay writing contest that grants its winners with a college scholarship. It has been around for the past 27 years and has encouraged students to explore courses in peace building. Most of the National Peace Essay Contest winners have pursued foreign affairs for their college courses and careers.

High school essay contest has been around for many years and continues to support students with their studies. Joining this will help you finance your studies, especially if you are preparing for college. You can enhance your writing skills with the help of your teachers and even with the tips you find online. The best way to develop your essay writing skills is through practice. Whether you are into writing or not, but you want assistance in your schooling, joining an essay writing contest is for you.